NAE4-HA Directory of Successful Urban 4-H Programs

The Urban Task Force of the NAE4-HA programs committee is coordinating the sharing of ideas through the Directory of Successful Urban 4-H Programs. The purpose of the directory is to give 4-H agents across the country ideas about successful 4-H programs in the urban environment—without having to “reinvent the wheel.” We plan to add more examples of these successful programs to this directory on an annual basis. The call for submissions to the directory is made during the summer months and one submission per region is selected to present at the NAE4-HA annual meeting. For more information about the directory or the submission process, contact Ellen Butler in the Colorado State 4-H Office at 970-491-1152 or by e-mail at

Project Areas

The Successful Urban Programs are sorted below by program names, but you can also view all of the Successful Urban Programs at our Master List page. Access the Master List here.


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