2017 Colorado 4-H State Shooting Sports Contest

State Contest Information - 2017

Friendly Reminders of details during and after registration!

  • County Staff (Once you have approved all registrations and created financial transfer:
    Please mail 1 payment for member registrations by August 14. Make check payable to: CSU Extension

    Mail to: CSU Extension 4-H
    Attn: Shooting Sports
    4040 Campus Delivery
    Fort Collins, CO 80523-4040
  • Please remember that any Colorado State Fair Stand Alone or Display exhibits must remain in the exhibits halls throughout the Colorado State Fair. Stand Alone and Display items may not be removed to be used in the Colorado State 4-H Shooting Sports Contest(s).
  • Please & Thank you! WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP!! Each Contest venue will need extra volunteer help. Please encourage your County 4-H Parents, Leaders and Volunteers to help out at the State 4-H Shooting Sports Championships. Please have your Volunteers, Leaders, Coaches and Parents sign up to help at the Contest venue check in station. There will be Volunteer Coordinators at each venue to help organize and direct Volunteers during the contests.
  • Registration will close at 11:59 PM August 1st. Registrations and edits can be made by the County and/or those designated by the County to register members prior to approving registrations in 4HOnline. Once registration is closed, FINAL edits or changes must be submitted to co4hshooting@gmail.com no later than 5:00 PM on August 7th. No changes will be accepted after 5:00 PM August 7th. This includes changes of competitors, relay times and class selections. Absolutely no changes of competitors, relay times and class selections will occur after August 7th. Should special circumstances necessitate, State 4-H Shoot management will assess any potential onsite competitor schedule modifications (scheduling/equipment conflicts do not necessitate special circumstance). All State 4-H Shoot management decisions will be final.
  • State 4-H Shooting Sports Dates

    • Weekend 1: August 19-20 in Pueblo: .22 Rifle, Muzzleloader, Air Rifle, Air Pistol & Archery
    • August 19 Events:
      >>Senior: .22 Rifle, Muzzleloader, Air Rifle, Air Pistol
      >>Junior: Archery, Air Rifle, Air Pistol

      August 20 Events:
      >>Senior: Archery, Air Rifle, Air Pistol
      >>Junior: .22 Rifle, Muzzleloader, Air Rifle, Air Pistol

      .22 Rifle & Muzzleloader Venue: Pueblo West Sportsman's Club
      Archery Venue: Lake Pueblo State Park
      Air Rifle & Air Pistol Venue: Colorado State Fair Event Center

    • Weedend 2: September 2-4 in Colorado Springs: .22 Pistol & Shotgun
    • September 2 Events:
      >>Senior: Sporting Clays, .22 Pistol
      >>Junior: Skeet

      September 3 Events:
      >>Senior: Skeet
      >>Junior: Sporting Clays, .22 Pistol

      September 4 Events:
      >>Senior: Trap
      >>Junior: Trap

      Shotgun & .22 Pistol Venue: Pikes Peak Gun Club