4-H Military Clubs

4-H is open to all military youth: active duty, guard and reserve. Please contact us for information on joining a club at one of our Air Force Bases or Fort Carson or to be involved in a program in your local community.

Military 4-H Clubs in El Paso County

USDA and Army and Air Force have made a commitment to establish 4-H Clubs on installations worldwide. In Colorado, all military 4-Hers are officially enrolled in 4-H, insuring them access to all 4-H programs, activities, and opportunities at the county, state and national levels.

4-H Clubs provide:

  • a safe environment for military youth to explore new interests and ideas, as well as a predictable environment as they move from place to place
  • positive peer groups with caring adult role models
  • opportunities for youth to build various life skills and project area skills and competencies
  • ongoing experiences in leadership, citizenship and communication
  • measurable outputs and outcomes.

Supporting predictability of services for military youth, 4-H Clubs offer:

  1. 4-H Fine Arts (visual arts and theater arts)
  2. 4-H Photography
  3. 4-H Youth Technology
  4. 4-H Citizenship (Community Service)

In addition, military 4-H Clubs will reflect the interests of the youth involved and 4-H in the community.

Military staff and/or volunteers serve as 4-H Leaders.

Additional Resources:

For more information, contact:
Vanessa Tranel – Military Liaison – 719-251-0926 vanessa.tranel@colostate.edu.

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